Al-Maram for Plastic Hoses

Specializing in the manufacture of Electric pipes .

Our company is characterized by precision performance and the speed of achievement in providing better electric pipes and implementing the visions of our customers.

Our company also has the potential to succeed from the factory working with the latest technology by engineers and technicians at the highest levels of efficiency

The organizational structure of the company .

The company’s performance is based on a strong organizational structure, a highly skilled staff, and a dedicated management team serving the company and its clients.

The satisfaction of our customers is one of the most important priorities of the company and is achieved by continuous improvement of the various training methods, whether technical or practical, taking into account all the international standards of occupational safety and health and the methods of quality used globally

The advisory, executive, and administrative apparatus of the Al-Maram for Plastic Hoses is one of the main pillars of its continued success and growth. Most members are affiliated with the factory from the first year of its establishment. The factory follows a policy based on dedication, experience, professionalism and commitment. Of the newly affiliated employees of the factory and always seeks to innovate and develop its capabilities to meet new challenges and works to remain in the forefront, bypassing all difficulties and dependent on the strength of its team.

Building a team is the core task of the company as it seeks to develop all human resources internally, and enhance their leadership and skills